Visit Sabina and Enjoy its Heritage, Nature and Traditions

The history of the Sabina Region and of its people goes way back: its origin predate the founding of Rome. In fact the Sabines were among Rome’s founding fathers, as well as a number of its kings.

The area extends from the shores of the Tiber to the Sabine Hills, a branch of the Abbruzzi Apennines Range. The cultivation of olive trees has for centuries been the Region’s key crop. Here you will also find small medieval villages, castles and abbeys. The passing of time has largely left this region untouched, and the unstoppable urban sprawl has yet to mar its beauty.

If you visit Sabina, there are limitless itineraries to help you discover its territory, history, ancient abbeys, archeological digs, traditions, in addition to its ancient and nature laden paths.

What Can You Do

Historical-Cultural Itineraries
– Ancient Romans and the Velino Valley
– Ponte Romano and Underground Rieti

Wine and Food Tours
– Tour of Sabina’s oil producing farms

Tour of Archeological Digs

– Lucus Feroniae at Fiano Romano
– Forum Novum/S. Maria di Vescovio
– Villa of the Volusii at Fiano Romano
– Newly reopened Livia’s Villa at Prima Porta

Visit Local Abbeys and Churches
– Farfa’s Abbey
– Church of S. Francis on Mount – Terminillo
– Church of S. Francis at Leonessa

Visit Local Museums
– The Oil Museums in Castelnuovo di Farfa
– Regional Oil Bank in Farfa

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